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Best of the Best

On a rare occasion such as this, I have the opportunity to review several different products at the same time. And, as youíll find, these three products are some of, if not the best products in their field.

Precision Fit Stocks made in Pueblo, CO, solve several problems in different applications. In running the I.T.I. shotgun shooting school in NM, I see that over 80% of the people coming to learn to shoot better come with guns that donít fit them. Thatís a major problem for any student and for the instructor as well. If they canít mount the gun to the proper and same point each time they arenít going to hit anything very often. Eye and proper gun alignment is essential to becoming a consistently good shot. Some shooters come with guns that fit pretty well and enable them to shoot fairly well. I can show them what the proper sight picture should look like and help them make adjustments to shoot well. But sometimes, the shooters come with guns that donít even come close to fitting them properly. I had a couple from a nearby state come to me this spring with guns like that. At that time, I wish I had a Precision Fit stock for one of my guns so they could have used it and shot better than they did.

Precision Fit has solved the problem for me with students that come with guns that donít fit them properly. I had a Browning receiver that I wasnít using since it was left over from making a carrier barrel for one of my Browning competition shotguns for shooting the sub gages in skeet. I just removed the wood stock from the receiver and mounted the Precision Fit to it and it only took a few minutes to complete the operation. Then I made all the necessary adjustments for the stock to fit me properly so I could test it. The stock has many features, which make it ideal for shooting a pre-mounted gun or low gun. It works fine for teaching a child or an adult, as the length of pull can be adjusted considerably. Another important feature is the weight of the stock can be changed to fit the shooter as well. There is a 6 oz. weight already mounted on the stock, which I leave there for my own personal shooting. But if a smaller or lighter weight person is using the gun or a child is using the gun, all the additional weight can be removed or a 4 oz. weight can replace the heaver one.

Whatís nice about having a stock that will fit several barrel systems is that I can have a person shooting a 28Ē or a 30Ē barrel. I can also have an adult or child shooting a 12 Ga. or any sub gage in the carrier barrel, which keeps the guns weight down for smaller people who might need to shoot a smaller gage because of the reduced recoil they produce. This makes it a perfect tool to have as a part of any shotgun shooting school. No instructor should be without a system like this.

Another useful feature Precision Fit provides is that once you have custom fitted the gun to the student, and he is shooting well with it, you can then take the measurements off the stock and give it to him so he can then have all the necessary information for a gun fitter to fit his own gun to him. Itíll save the student and the gun fitter a lot of time and money.

Just about every adjustment you can think of can be preformed on the Precision Fit stock. You can adjust the comb for height, lateral adjustment, rotation adjustment, angularity adjustment, cast adjustment, tilt adjustment and it can be moved forward or back. The comb can be set up as a Monte Carlo, straight, sporting or field stock. The length of pull can be set anywhere from 13Ē to 16Ē. The stock can be weighted to fit the shooter, be they child, teenager or adult. The butt plate can be adjusted side to side, cast on or cast off, along with up and down heel and toe adjustment. You can even adjust the amount of felt recoil. Combined with a KickEez recoil pad, you can shoot 500 rounds in a half-day and never feel a thing. If youíre a shooter that canít take a lot of recoil or if youíre a shooter that gets chopped in the cheek from your gun, this stock will eliminate the problem for you.

If you have a gun you love, but it doesnít fit you properly or your having a hard time shooting it because of the recoil, than Precision Fit Stocks has the answer for you. Iíve had three different adults use the system recently because their O/U didnít fit them properly. Every one of them loved what I was able to do for them because they noticed how much better they shot and more targets they broke using a gun that really fit them along with the proper instruction. They also loved it because they didnít have to deal with recoil as well. One pre-teen has used the system as well shooting a 28 Ga., and his parents were amazed as to how well he was shooting for the first time.

Precision Fit stocks solve a variety of problems for the shooter. It enables the person to become part of the gun while at the same time being more comfortable while shooting. If you have a fitting problem with your gun or a comfort problem because of recoil or cheek chop, Precision Fit will eliminate the problem for you. You should investigate their stocks to make your shooting more enjoyable and successful.

Comp-N-Choke of Sylanvia, GA produces some of the best looking and most effective choke tubes in the industry. Over the years Iíve shot a lot of different factory and after-market tubes, but nothing has impressed me as much as the Comp-N-Choke tubes. Not only do they come in a variety of finishes/colors to compliment your gun, they are the most effective as well. In just about any type of competition be it skeet, trap, or sporting, I like to shoot 8.5 size shot rather than just plain 8ís. I believe in pattern density, and you get around an extra 60 (7/8 load) to 80 (1 1/8 load) pellets by dropping down a half size. In real competition Iíll shoot Fiocchi 1 1/8 oz loads of 8 Ĺís. In practice, Iíll shoot reloads of 7/8 oz., 1 oz., of 8 Ĺís depending on what Iím shooting. The reason I shoot lighter loads in practice is the less recoil and the smaller kill zone and shorter shot string you get by reducing the load by 1/8 oz. of shot. By dropping down 1/8 oz of shot you reduce the kill zone by about 2 to 3 inches in the diameter and shorten the shot string. So if you had a kill zone of 24Ē with a specific choke constriction at a specific yardage with 1 1/8 oz of shot, it would be reduced to 18Ē with only 7/8 oz. of shot. What might have been a chip with 1 1/8 oz. would be a clean miss with 7/8 oz. Its just good training. It requires that you really focus on the target. Then in competition, in the heat of battle, if you are just a little off, youíll still get a chip rather than a miss.

So what has all this to do with Comp-N-Choke? Well, Iíve never seen choke tubes give such consistent patterns right out to the edge of the kill zone as what theirs will do. No little holes where a mini could sneak through or an on edge crosser or going away standard target could slip through. Real uniform pattern density whether it was reloads or factory ammunition. On a real windy day I might be forced to shoot some 8ís or 7 Ĺís, so I checked out some different shot sizes as well and they preformed as well as the smaller sized shot.

Their chokes have a little longer area of constriction that most other chokes and I think that helps in giving the uniform patterns along with the fact that the slots in the choke are designed to slow down the wad to remove it from the shot string more rapidly so it isnít driven into the shot string. This eliminates your flyers and makes a much denser pattern. The slot porting helps reduce the felt recoil and reduce the muzzle jump as well. All that and great looking chokes as well. If your gun has some gold accents or inlay, youíll want to get their Gold Titanium Nitride coated chokes, as theyíll really dress up your gun. They also have them available in Stainless Steel, Black or Camo.

Slip 2000, which is made by Superior Products in CA, has changed my shooting life forever. I typically shoot 3,000 to 5,000 rounds before I really clean any of my shotguns. I know some of you are aghast at such a statement, but itís the truth. I like to shoot guns, not clean them. The only time I might clean one of them sooner is if the wind was really blowing and the opportunity of sand or grit getting into the action would concern me.

Well, several months ago I received some samples of Slip 2000 to evaluate. About every two or three weeks the owner of the company would call me to find out what I thought of the product. I told him I donít clean my guns that often and he was going to have to wait. Well, after about eight or ten calls all getting him the same answer he stopped calling. He probably thought I was never going to test the product or that I didnít care or that I didnít like the product. Wrong!

I eventually called him to tell him of my findings and he was quite surprised at my call. I assume he never thought heíd hear from me.

I had my own system of cleaning shotguns that took less time and yet got them very clean. Itís different than what most people will tell you what to do. But what surprised me about Slip 2000 is that it took less time the more I used the product. My new choke tubes, the Comp-N-Choke built up plastic and carbon fouling just like any other choke tube, so I decided to use Slip 2000 on them to see what kind of difference there was in using their product over my traditional methods.

Well, I kept getting surprised. The first time I applied Slip 2000 and shot a few thousand rounds, the plastic build up came out a little easier, but I wasnít really impressed at that time. I then reapplied the Slip 2000 and shot over another thousand rounds. This time the tubes hardly needed any soak time and all the plastic came out the first time I pushed the tornado brush through them. It was still hard to get the carbon fouling on the outside of the tube because I had never applied it there before, so I coated the exterior as well with Slip 2000. The next time I looked at the tubes was when I had already shot over 500 to 600 rounds, and I didnít see any plastic build-up, just a little carbon fouling on the interior. I was amazed! I continued to shoot without doing any cleaning to the tubes until I had well over a thousand rounds through the tubes. The interior was still pretty clean; yes there was some minor fouling but no major plastic build-up like before. The exterior of the tubes cleaned up more easily as well, and with a second coating on the exterior they cleaned up even easier. It seems that you need about two applications of Slip 2000 before you really begin to see terrific improvements in the clean ability and ease of cleaning. Never, has anything made gun cleaning so easy and fast as Slip 2000. Yes, Iím impressed and a confirmed user of Slip 2000. I can actually clean my guns a little more frequently now and it still doesnít take the time it used to. Now itís only a matter of a few minutes to get everything clean rather than a half hour or more. You have got to try Slip 2000, just go to your gun shop and see if they have some of the small trial packets, which are free, and youíll convince yourself in no time. If you donít, youíre missing out on the best thing thatís happened to shooting in ten years. Your guns will clean up easier and faster and at the same time you will not get the accumulation or build-up that you would normally have using other products.

Contact Information

Precision Fit Stocks
Attn: Vern Brown
511 West Archer Dr.
Pueblo, CO 81007

Attn: Charlie Boswell
925 Waynesboro Hwy.
Sylvania, GA 30467

Superior Products
Attn: Gregg Conner
4697 Fairway Dr.
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

SKB Corp.
1607 O'Donnell Way
Orange, CA 92867

Jerry Sinkovec