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Nellis is Nice
Oklahoma City Shooting Sports Complex

How many shooting facilities have you been to that have two club houses? Well, I guess the Nellis Trap & Skeet Club has everyone beat because they have two. Itís a great facility located at the north end of Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. The facility is open to the public, but you have to get a pass at the gate to gain entrance. The easiest way to get there is to take I-15 north to the Speedway exit at the Las Vegas Speedway. Take the drive to the end were your at a T and make a left. The entrance to the base is about 100 yards in front of you and you can see the skeet houses on your left once your on their entrance road.

In the summer months they open up at 8:00AM, sometimes even earlier, so you can beat some of the heat. Call to confirm what hours theyíll be opening at before driving out. The small club house at the 5-stand operation, trap, and skeet fields is where everyone meets before heading out to shoot. I found it a friendly place and easy to find a shooting partner to do the sporting clays course. You can get cool drinks and snacks at this club house in addition to shells and other accessories.

They have an eleven station sporting clay course located away from the trap and skeet fields that you have to drive to, and I suggest going there with someone that knows the way. The course was set up nicely with interesting presentations, some of which I hadnít seen before. The terrain was composed of small ridges and gullies on the lower part of some mountains. There arenít any trees there, and they used their terrain well to try and confuse the eye/brain working relationship into just how much lead you needed on a few stations. They threw slow and fast targets in addition to some being very close and some being quite distant. A lot of variation from station to station. All the traps are automatic, and they use skeet 3 button releases for the traps, so you can release individual singles, delayed doubles, report doubles or true doubles easily. I tend to like that if your trying to help a friend learn how to shoot. The course wasnít difficult, but it was challenging and fun to shoot. I think any shooter would enjoy doing the course.

Their second club house is located just below the sporting clay facility and is five or six time the size of the one at the skeet and trap fields. Itís the new building, which they are still working on and expanding. It has a full service bar, a pro shop, and food is available there during events. Snack are also available when ever they are open. Itís where everyone heads when they are through shooting for the day. Itís comfortable, roomy and very relaxing.

The skeet and trap fields offer a nice plain background for shooting. Their 5-stand operation was a little different than what Iíd ever seen before. You shoot 5 pair of doubles at each shooting station for a total of 50 targets. It was quite interesting and they had a few difficult presentations mixed in. One of the traps was a wobble trap mounted on a tower behind you. That in itself, created some interesting and somewhat difficult presentations, depending on which way the wobble target was going and in what combination you had to shoot it. They used a total of eight traps which allowed for some great combinations. I could have shoot the 5-stand all day I found it so enjoyable, but my ammo ran out.

If you find your self in Vegas and want to get away from the gambling or whatever, donít pass up the opportunity to shoot their facility. Itís not one youíd want to miss enjoying. And if you flew in without your gun, they do have loaners available. They have 6 trap fields, 12 skeet fields, 1 5-stand operation and an 11 station sporting clay course. A pleasant club with a little something for everyone.

Nellis Trap & Skeet Club
Attn: Robert Gilmore
POB 9745
Nellis AFB, NV 89101

Oklahoma City Shooting Sports Complex

Nestled in the dense woods on the edge of a lake northeast of Oklahoma City is one of Oklahomaís better sporting clay facilities. Itís where some of the better shooters in the area like Gene Sears and others go to practice every week. Itís situated in some hill country that gives you the feeling your in the middle of nowhere when in reality your only about ten miles from Oklahoma City. Itís a relaxing and sublime environment that puts you in contact with nature.

Their club house and office blends in with the environment and has a cozy and warm country interior. They serve food and refreshments from a small kitchen and have a small pro shop with a variety of accessories, shells and equipment for sale. They have a very plush conference area with a large screen TV where you or a friend can relax with a book or shooting magazine if your so inclined. On the day I arrived to shoot their course, a company was making good use of their conference area for a business meeting and brunch. Because most of their attendees had not shot before, they had the course set up on the soft side in hopes of having the majority of the people hitting most of the targets. Because of that, a lot of the stations seemed rather easy for me.

It so happened that three young men arrived just before I headed out to shoot the course who were also going to shoot the course, but had never shot sporting clays before. We teamed up together and headed off to the first station. The walk to the station really made you feel like you were in the heart of a wilderness with the sounds of the birds and other little critters all around you. The vegetation was lush and green and provided a cooling shade along with the slight breeze. Being from New Mexico I guess I appreciate the lushness, shade and greenery a little more than the next person.

The first station was a combination of a outgoing target from your right side and behind you with a incomer from right to left that was quartering and would be almost dropping into a pond by the time you got to it. It proved frustrating for the first shooter, so I told them to throw and shoot them as singles. They had more success with that approach. That and other stations had some interesting combinations, but nothing that was real trying to someone who had shot the sport before. Even with the heavy cover, you normally had ample time to shoot any true pair. There was a meadow where you had the opportunity for some longer shoots that were probably the hardest targets on the course. The rabbit targets were challenging and fun as were the teal presentations. The course was set up creatively and made good use of the vegetation and terrain. There was also an interesting flying squirrel (rabbit target thrown as a chandelle ) which was below you as were on a slight hill in relation to the target. All in all the course provided some interesting targets that could be made difficult by changing the angle or distance slightly. My three new friends thought the targets were hard enough, but promised to come back because they had such a good time.

After a little refreshment and relaxation in the conference center, I headed out to their 5 stand operation which is operational, but they were making some improvements on the facility. One of the things they were in the process of doing was having a small man made lake put in front of the facility to make the some of the presentations a little more interesting and to beautify the place. All the presentations were about what you would see at any other facility except for the distant incomer from right to left. It would be dropping at a distance of about 45 to 50 yards and quartering which made it the most difficult for me to hit. But thatís why I enjoy going to different facilities, that is , to see something different that I donít normally have a chance to shoot at. What was nice and a little unusual at the 5-stand was that all the shooting stations were covered by one large frame structure that provided ample shade but was open enough to allow any breeze to cool you off. It made for comfortable shooting even though it was quite hot by that time.

The facility is well managed and fun to shoot, and I hope to stop in there on my next trip through Oklahoma. By the way, the O.T.A. Shooting Park in El Reno, OK has new management and is on the upswing. Iíll bring you a report on that facility in the near future.

The Oklahoma City Shooting Sports Complex is easy to find off Interstate 35, but I would call and ask them for directions so you donít waste any time. They have a total of twenty stations on the sporting clay course, 1 5-stand operation and 1 high 48í tower. In addition, they have a rifle and pistol range along with and archery range. They also have RV hookups available. Good shooting.

Oklahoma City Shooting Sports Complex
Attn: Jim Jolly
P.O. Box 91
Arcadia, OK 73007

Jerry Sinkovec