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Instinctive Target Interception
Shotgun Shooting School

A Browning Endorsed School

Instinctive Target Interception is a series of elements which when put together and executed properly will allow you to see a target quicker, shoot the target quicker, hit it harder, feel less recoil, and feel more comfortable and relaxed while doing it. It's a natural way to shoot that will enhance your enjoyment in shotgun shooting and make you a better shooter and hunter. It's low gun shooting that allows you to be natural and relaxed and react to targets instantaneously and successfully.

  • Learn to Shoot Instinctively and Naturally
  • Bring Down More Game
  • Learn to Shoot Quickly and Smoke Targets
  • Half Day Lessons - Private / Semi-Private
  • All Day Classes - Groups of Three to Five

Your Location or Club or these locations:
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Sun Valley, Idaho
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Our goals are to have every student set up properly and interpret target presentations correctly. To have all students shooting in a comfortable and natural manner, and relaxed frame of mind. To have students react to targets instinctively, confidently and successfully without deliberate thought to increase target scores and kill rate in hunting.

I.T.I. Shotgun Shooting School
5045 Brennan Bend
Idaho Falls, ID 83401