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Instinctive Target Interception
Shotgun Shooting School

A Browning Endorsed School

It is the mission of Instinctive Target Interception to have every student shooting quickly, more confidently, naturally and successfully whether target shooting or hunting. To enable the student to enjoy, and have more fun while shooting regardless of the endeavor.

Instinctive Target Interception can be used in sporting clays, skeet, FITASC, 5 stand, trap and hunting in the field. It's one style of shooting which can be applied to any situation. It's like saying; "Beware the shooter who shoots only one gun for all types of events, and hunting for that matter". The same can be said for the style of shooting. The idea is to simplify, and become one with your gun. It's not necessary in having one gun for trap, another gun and different sight picture for skeet, another for sporting clays and yet another gun and different sight picture for hunting. If you get a gun which is balanced well and fits you, and you learn how to use well, there is no reason you can't use it for any application, and do well, including hunting. But the gun must fit.

The price of the courses includes instruction, targets, shells and lunch on the shooting school days. The free use of Browning shotguns is also included. You'll have the opportunity to try different models of Browning shotguns and find the style and model that suits your needs and fits you properly, Several models and gauges of over and under shotguns, automatics, and pumps will be available at each of the schools for you to try. Not included are lodging, meals and transportation or gratuities for trappers or staff. At certain locations where indicated in the schedule, full lodging and all meals will be included in the school program. Some classes will be three day courses and others will be four day courses over a period of five days depending on the location and the facilities.

I.T.I. will work with corporations or special groups and assist in setting up special events or programs for your needs. We'll be happy to conduct programs at locations other than what is listed in our course schedule anywhere in the United States or abroad. For further information on locations, schedules, and an application, Contact us for more information.

Special courses for women only, young adults and disabled can be conducted anywhere in the U.S.

I.T.I. Shotgun Shooting School
5045 Brennan Bend
Idaho Falls, ID 83401