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Instinctive Target Interception
Course Schedule

The first day of the course will be spent seeing what your current abilities allow you to do in various shooting situations and to find your problem areas. You'll be given pointers on how to correct things that are giving you problems. Subjects covered will include balance, posture, foot placement, proper holding of the gun, proper pointing of the gun, angle of the gun in relation to the flight path of targets, eye focus area, proper use of the eyes, shooting glasses and colors, mind set, hold point for the gun, gun mount and swing, reaction time, interception of the target, sight picture or relationship of the target to the barrel, and follow through. Proper shells and shot sizes for given applications, advantages of different type of shotguns, and fitting of a shotgun.

The second day will be spent developing and honing your skills to effectiely smash targets consistently at different distances and angles. You'll be shooting targets quicker and more successfully. Your bad shooting habits should have disappeared, and you'll be utilizing new shooting techniques to hit your targets.

The third day is yours to do with to relax or enjoy yourself as you see fit. There will usually be other activities in the area which you can participate in. we suggest you use the day in some manner other than shooting, since you can fatigue yourself from too much shooting if you're not used to it. You'll be shooting around 250 rounds a day during the class.

Days four and five will be spent shooting more difficult targets on sporting clays courses and learning the different leads necessary to take the variety of targets thrown. (This would be day three of a three day course.) You'll be shooting rabbit's, mini's, midi's, batteau's, rockets and standard targets, depending on what the facility has available at the time.

Call I.T.I. for an application, and to find out if a three day course or four day course would be right for you.

I.T.I. Shotgun Shooting School
5045 Brennan Bend
Idaho Falls, ID 83401