The Ultimate Guide to the Best Braided Fishing Lines for Every Angler

by | Jul 23, 2020

Having a good fishing line is a must for every serious angler. Whether you’re experienced or brand new to fishing, there is a fishing line that’s right for you, and in this guide, we’ll explore some of the best braided fishing lines available and go into what you should look for in a braided fishing line.

There are plenty of different fishing lines to choose from, so making sure you know what lookout for is imperative when you’re making a choice.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Best Braided Fishing Lines Of 2020


The Best Fishing Line on the Market: KastKing 

Our Winner: KastKing (5/5)

Our pick for the best braided fishing line is KastKing superpower braided fishing line. KastKing is one of the leading companies in the market for fishing lines. The fishing line comes in five different colors, you can pick from Low-Vis Gray, Moss Green, Multi-Color, Ocean Blue and Yellow, so there’s a color to suit everyone.

The different colors also help to increase the visibility of the line when it’s in the water so that you can spot it easily.

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line - Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines – Incredible Superline – Zero Stretch – Smaller Diameter – A Must-Have!
5,626 Reviews
KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line - Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines – Incredible Superline – Zero Stretch – Smaller Diameter – A Must-Have!
  • STRONG KNOT STRENGTH – dynamically incorporated strands in KastKing SuperPower Braided Lines allow you to easily tie a more solid knot; you can even tie an improved clinch knot. The special...
  • LOW MEMORY – helps you achieve a better, farther casts, less chance of wind knots
  • GREATER ABRASION RESISTANCE – of KastKing braided fishing line decreases the likelihood of losing your “big one”! KastKing SuperPower Braid line's powers are...super!
  • ULTRA-HIGH SENSITIVITY & ZERO STRETCH – for superior hook setting that increases your catch ratio.
  • SMALLER DIAMETER – compared to other brands allowing you to spool more fishing line on to your reel.

It has a strong knot strength, which is fitted with dynamically incorporated strands in Casting Superpower braided lines that allow you to tie a more solid knot easily. KastKing uses four strands of polyethylene material in its weave, which results in an ultra-strong fishing line; this does switch to eight strands of polyethylene when the braid is over 65 pounds.

The weave is wrapped very tightly, giving the fishing line a smaller diameter than some of its counterparts. KastKing uses a proprietary treatment process that helps the line slip through the guides of your rod; this makes equipping the fishing line to your rod an easy, user-friendly process.

The Dyneema strands that KastKing use are highly resistant to abrasion, which means that the chance of the line being cut by a rock or sharp object is very low. This fishing line is perfect for anyone that is looking for a fishing line with a high-knot strength and doesn’t stretch easily.

The KastKing braided line also has low memory, which helps with achieving better, longer casts with less chance for wind knots to develop.

KastKing has done a great job with this braided fishing line, the material is tough, it comes in a wide range of colors, and we’d highly recommend it to any fishing enthusiast.


The Stealthiest Braided Fishing Line: SpiderWire 

The SpiderWire stealth superline braid fishing line comes in a variety of different colors, ranging from blue to pink camo. This fishing line has been uniquely covered for bluewater lakes and saltwater conditions. The stealth braid is constructed to provide ultimate strength with the thinnest diameter for smooth and quiet performance.

SpiderWire Stealth Superline Braid Fishing Line
  • Spiderwire Stealth 200 Yard (183 meters) Filler Spool, Blue Camo
  • Spiderwire Stealth 200 Yard (183 meters) Filler Spool
  • Uniquely Colored for Blue Water Lakes and Saltwater Conditions
  • New and Improved Stealth Braid
  • Constructed to Provide Ultimate Strength w/Thinnest Diameter

Just like the KastKing, the strands used in SpiderWire fishing line are made from Dyneema, which is one of the world’s strongest fibers. A little known fact about Dyneema is that it’s also used in some of the strongest bulletproof vests and heavy machinery around, which signifies the strength of the line. Dyneema is known to be highly abrasion resistant, so the SpiderWire line will last for a long time.

The strength of the fibers makes the SpiderWire a popular choice among anglers for baitcaster fishing. You can use the SpiderWire stealth braid line for everything from frog-fishing, jiggling, drop-shotting, and even for live bait rigs for Pike, Catfish, Crappie or Walleye. As the name suggests, this line is very quiet, which makes it great for catching fish in a silent, but deadly manner.


The Strongest Braided Fishing Line: PowerPro 

The PowerPro braided fishing line is one of the leading fishing lines on the market today. This line comes in a few different colors: red, green, yellow, and white. The line is braided with four strands; each is composed of scores of exceptionally thin Spectra fibers. Each strand is coated, which gives the strands a harder, thinner profile.

The PowerPro line is extremely strong and durable, but we did notice that the color of the line began to fade, the more we used it, and the more the line rubbed against the rod.

Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line
  • Ultra-strong braided Spectra Fiber
  • Treated with Enhanced Body Technology for incredible round and sensitive line
  • Varying Diameters (0.005inch - 0.035inch)
  • Varying Lengths (150-3000 yards)
  • Manufactured in the country of USA

You can use this line for many different types of fishing, including freshwater and saltwater fishing, and many different types of knot can be used, with the Palomar being the most common.

The Uni knot can also be good to use; this is an extremely strong type of knot. Regardless of which type of knot you tie it’s a good idea to pass the line through the eye twice before tying the knot to get the strongest knot possible.

Casting with this line is excellent because of the round design and super smooth qualities of the line. When you’re casting the line, close the bail by hand, and this will stop around 90% of problems you’ll face when casting your line.

The PowerPro was developed to be an extremely tough line without sacrificing on quality. This line does a great job whether you’re using it for saltwater or freshwater fishing.


The Multi-Colored Fishing Line: Berkley Fire Line 

With a diameter of just 0.005 inches, the Berkley FireLine is uniquely thin in its diameter. Despite the thin diameter, this fishing line is three times stronger than a monofilament fishing line. It has very low visibility and is very smooth when you’re casting the line. The fishing line is made from Dyneema fiber braids which make the line smooth and round, while also being durable and tough.

Berkley FireLine Superline Fishing Line
  • Won't deteriorate over a lifetime
  • Unaffected by ultra-light rays sunlight and cold

The Dyneema fiber braids make the FieLine fishing line less abrasive than most traditional braids, so it won’t cut your hand when you’re cinching knots or doing anything else with the fishing line. The small diameter of the line makes it more resistant to the wind, and even on really breezy days, you’re able to skip baits under docks and other hardcover without your accuracy being affected by the wind.

The toughness of the line makes wind knots virtually non-existent, and it stays very compact on the spool even if you make a bad cast. The line is very tough, easy to use, and has everything you need in a high-quality braided fishing line.


Japan's Finest Braided Fishing Line: Daiwa 

Japan’s leading braided fishing line is the Daiwa J-Braid woven round braid line. The Daiwa line doesn’t stretch and has high linear strength and high abrasion resistance. This fishing line comes in eight to sixty-five-pound tests.

The line has a perfectly round profile and is made from eight strands of fiber, which are tightly woven to make this fishing line particularly strong. We noticed that the line was particularly abrasion-resistant and didn’t break or come apart when it came into contact with any sharp objects such as rocks.

Daiwa JB8U30-300DG J-Braid Braided Line, 30 Lbs Tested, 330 yd/300M Filler Spool, Dark Green
  • Dark green is more natural in situations where you may want to tie your hook or Lure directly onto the onto the line-without a leader
  • Tightly woven fibers makes for a perfectly round profile
  • Stronger, softer and smoother line that is more sensitive and farther casting

The high abrasiveness of this line makes it suitable for deep-sea fishing as well as other freshwater types of fishing. The first few times we used the line, we found that it would over spool and come off easily and was a little slippery.

As we got more used to the line, we found that the line would cast with precision and accuracy. Sometimes when you pick up a new braid line, it can take some time to get used to, so be aware of this when you’re picking up a new line.

The surface of the line is very smooth, which means you can cast the line to a great distance; it’s very accurate and ultra-flexible. If you’re new to fishing, then this line may take a bit of getting used to, but it’s highly worth it once you’re comfortable, and the line makes for a great fishing experience.


The Multipurpose Fishing Line: Reaction Tackle 

The Reaction Tackle High-Performance Braided Fishing Line is a high-quality line with ultimate strength and near zero stretch. The line comes in a variety of different colors ranging from blue camouflage to timber brown. The line is made from 100% UHMWPE, which is often rated as one of the world’s strongest fibers. The line has a relatively small diameter, which is good for not scaring fish away.

Reaction Tackle High Performance Braided Fishing Line
  • Ultimate strength, near zero stretch, high-quality braided fishing line
  • 100% UHMWPE, the world’s strongest fiber, advanced high power, manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Super thin and slick, pro grade, flies though fishing rod guides, small diameter compared to other types of fishing line makes this string super strong, heavy duty and hard to break, helping you catch...
  • Great value, high quality braid for a fraction of the price of most major competitors. Now available in 10, 20, 30, 50, 65, 80, 100, 120, 150 and 200 pound test lines
  • Whether you fish for Bass, Trout, Walleye, Muskie or any other species, our line will perform great in freshwater, saltwater, surf fishing, ice fishing or bowfishing, you know you can trust Reaction...

Using the line, you notice that it has near-zero strength and is very durable to the touch. The toughness of the fiber means the line won’t fray easily or suffer damage from sharp rocks or other objects. The line is available in pound sizes ranging from 10 to 200. The line is suitable whether you’re fishing for bass, trout, walleye, muskie, or any other species of fish.

This line offers fantastic value, and all-round is a very solid fishing line. Reaction Tacke has done a great job of creating a line that is made of tough, high-quality materials but is also affordable.

This line was easy to use from the beginning and would certainly be useful for a beginner to use. If you’re looking to get started and you’re looking for a fishing line that is easy on the budget, but strong to the touch, then this fishing line could be exactly what you’re looking for.


The Braided Line Best For Spinning Reels: Sufix 832 

Made with R8 Precision Braiding and Fiber Technology, the Sufix 382  is one of the strongest braided fishing lines on the market today. The strong fibers give the fishing line superior strength, roundness, and line consistency.

The line is neatly wrapped and neatly organized. It’s got right fibers in total, seven of them being made from Dyneema and one being made from gore. These fibers are very resistant to abrasions, which means the line won’t fray or damage easily. We really like the addition of the gore fiber; gore is a hydrophobic fiber meaning that it naturally repels water.

Sufix 832 Braid 20 lb Low-Vis Green 300 yards
  • 8 Fibers (Featuring one GORE Performance Fiber and 7 Dyneema Fibers)
  • Ultimate Abrasion Resistance
  • Unbeatable Strength
  • Proven Castability Improvements
  • TGPTechnology Enhances Color Retention

The line comes in a few different colors: coastal camo, ghost (white), hi-vis and low vis green, hi-vis yellow, and neon lime. All of these colors will show up in the water, so the line is clearly visible in the water. Sufix has used TPG technology to improve bright color retention in their line, so the colors will stay brighter for longer than most typical braided lines.

We had zero problems with this line, Sufix has done a great job investing in quality materials to make this product, and it makes all the difference. The line is easy to use, made from tough materials, and one thing we really liked is that the color of the line doesn’t fade easily.

Some of the braided lines which come in bright colors fade easily after a short period of time, so it’s great to see a line that retains its color.


The UV Proof Braided Fishing Line: Mounchain 

Mounchain’s braided fishing line comes in a selection of four different colors; you can choose from dark or light green, sea blue, and yellow. This line is made from four different strands, and they are made from high-quality PE material. The braided line is high strength and low memory, and it has a high knot strength, which will allow you to tie a more solid knot easily.

This braided line has excellent abrasion resistance, which makes the line perform well in all water conditions, while extending the service life of the line. The eight strands that make up the line are incredibly strong and are specifically designed for fishing around hard structures.

Mounchain Braided Fishing Line Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines 4 Strands Super Strong PE Fishing Line 547 Yards 20lb Dark Green
  • Great Abrasion Resistance - The monofilament strength/diameter of the high performance braided fishing line is available in 10lb/4.6kg/0.12mm/0.0047inch, 20lb/9.1kg/0.23mm/0.009inch,...
  • Long Lasting Coating – Unlike braid lines using water-based dyes that wear off easily and allow water to penetrate the fibers, the braided line utilizes an unique coating that is the best at...
  • Extreme Sensitivity - You can cast farther and better, clearly feel any slight bites with the thin and low memory braided fishing line. Your hook setting power increases dramatically giving you higher...
  • Smooth & No Burr - This braided line contains smooth plait without burr and allow you to conveniently pass the lines through the rod guides for improved casting experience.
  • Wide Application - Whether you fish for bass, trout, walleye, muskie or any other species, our line will perform great in freshwater, saltwater, surf fishing, ice fishing or bow fishing.

The line is infused with coating technology, which protects the color and locks it in firmly, meaning it won’t fade with use, and the line is resistant to water absorption. This technology also increases UV resistance so you can use the line in direct sunlight without any fear of the color fading.

The line allows for a wide variety of use, whether you’re fishing for bass, trout, walleye, muskie, or any other species of fish. We noticed that the line worked well and didn’t tangle when cast out, the bright colors of the line make it easy to spot in the water.


The Best Fishing Line for Bass: Piscifun 

The Piscifun Onyx braided fishing line is ultra-durable and powered by epoxy coatings technology to keep the braided lines. The line has nano resin coating that increases abrasion resistance by around 10%. This line is ultra-low stretch, so you have increased hook set speed, and power and this ultra-low stretch will also help you to feel bites better.

Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line 6lb-150lb Superline Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines Super Strong High Performance PE Fishing Lines
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance and Durable - Powered by new epoxy coatings technology and keep the braided lines far away from being damaged
  • Strong Knot Strength - Unmatched strength fiber material / 4 Strands fishing line holds up tight allow you to easily tie a more solid knot; high abrasion resistance to avoid fish coming off
  • Faster Cutting Water - Unparalleled smoothness and consistent roundness / backlashes free; to help the bait faster to reach the target water layer to catch the fish
  • Highly Sensitivity and Minimal Stretch - Minimal stretch create the braided fishing line with highly sensitivity and extremely low memory / Small diameter to test LB ratio
  • Precision Braiding and Fiber - 6lb-50lb is made with 4 high strength strands while the higher tensile strength of 65lb-150lb has 8 powerful strands for even more power / a smaller profile resulting in...

The line is very smooth, and with its round design, it’s a good fit for any serious angler. Piscifun has invested in color fading technology, which is designed to protect the color of the line. The thin diameter of the line helps you easily tie a solid knot both on your fishing hooks and the fluorocarbon fishing line.

You can pick up the line in sizes ranging from 6 to 50lb, and it is made with four high strength strands. The line is available in black, green, ocean blue, white, yellow, and multi-colored. The Piscifun braided fishing line is high-quality, easy to use, and it will last a long time, providing you take care of the line. The line is perfect for anglers in any situation, whether it’s being used for freshwater or saltwater fishing activities.


The Best Value Braided Fishing Line: HERCULES 

If you’re looking for a line that comes in every color imaginable, then look no further than the HERCULES. The HERCULES is a cost-effective fishing line but is made from high-quality materials. The eight strand braids are made from UHMWPE, which is one of the strongest PE fibers in the world. The line ranges from 10 to 300 lb, so there’s a line for everyone to choose from.

The eight strands have a diamond weave structure that makes the strands smoother and rounder, which allows you to cast the line much further. The line has zero stretch and high sensitivity, which makes the line very sensitive to fish bites.

HERCULES Super Cast 100M 109 Yards Braided Fishing Line 10 LB Test for Saltwater Freshwater PE Braid Fish Lines Superline 8 Strands - Army Green, 10LB (4.5KG), 0.12MM
  • Same Quality, Much Less Expensive - You can't tell the difference between Hercules braid fish lines and other more expensive brands. - From verified purchase reviews.
  • Superior Cast Experience - 8x strand braids with DIAMOND WEAVE structure, smoother and rounder for casting much farther. Super thin and slick diameter and low memory, reel capacity is better.
  • Great Knot Strength & Abrasion Resistance - Made from UHMWPE, the world's strongest PE fiber, enhanced coating technology for more durable use, killing nightmares of losing the big one.
  • Zero Stretch & Super-high Sensitivity - No stretch, ultimate sensitive to fish bites, best superbraid and superline for surf-casting, tossing surface iron or fishing live bait.
  • Fan-favourite Money Back Guarantee: At Hercules, BETTER VALUE FOR THE MONEY YOU PAID is our motto. Get up to 20% refund within 60 days if you don't think we've made it.

The HERCULES line is fit for surf-casting, tossing surface iron, or fishing live bait. HERCULES even offers a 20% refund if you’re not happy with the product within 60 days.

We especially like that you can create a tight, strong knot with this line due to the strong material that the line is made from. This line is great as there is a tonne of different colors to choose from, this will make sure you can spot it easily when it’s cast.


What Are Braided Fishing Lines?

Braided fishing lines were one of the earliest types of line, and they remain very popular among anglers today. The main thing anglers like in braided lines are high knot strengths, lack of stretch, and a line that is highly resistant to abrasion.

Braided lines are also preferable for deep sea fishing as it is much easier to fit a braided line on a spool than a monofilament or fluorocarbon line. Braided lines are traditionally very flexible and can be easier to cast long distances than other lines.

One drawback to braided lines is that they are usually clearly visible in the water. This can be an advantage if you like a lien that is easy to see but can be a drawback as braided lines are then easier for fish to view.


Benefits of Braided Fishing Lines

There are plenty of benefits to braided fishing lines and lots of reasons why every angler should consider using one. One of the first benefits is that braid fishing lines have little to no stretch; this makes braided fishing lines perfect for deep water fishing. Braided fishing lines allow you to feel bites in incredibly deep waters, while also being suitable for other types of fishing.

A good braid line will also last a long time. When you purchase a high-quality braid line, you won’t have to think about buying another one anytime soon. Most braided lines are highly resistant to sharp objects or rock, which means they don’t break easily. This is essential if you’re going to be using a line for deepwater fishing as you don’t want one breaking easily.

Most lines come in a variety of different colors so you can choose a color to suit you and make sure that it’s easy to spot in the water. The color of a high-quality braided line shouldn’t fade quickly, some cheaper, lower-quality lines may lose their color after only a few uses.

A high-quality braided fishing line should last for a long time, and this is usually the case if the fibers on the reel are made from strong materials such as Dyneema or UHMWPE. So make sure to keep an eye out on the material that the line is made from when you’re making a purchase.


What to Look for in the Best Braid Fishing Line?

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, our favorite braided fishing line is the KastKing super-powered braided fishing line. It contains everything you need in a high-quality braided fishing line. There’s a range of colors to choose from, and you can easily spot the line in the water. The knot strength is strong, it doesn’t break easily and is built to last.


What Is the Best Line for a Baitcaster?

Baitcaster lines can be a little bit intimidating for a lot of anglers, especially those that are new to the world of fishing. The good news is that with a bit of practice, baitcasters aren’t too difficult to use.

Once again, the best line we used for a bait caster is the KastKing. Braided lines are often referred to as the best lines for baitcaster fishing, so it makes sense that the KastKing would come out on top.

The KastKing has extremely low memory, which helps tremendously with lure presentation and retrieval as well as casting. Another thing that anglers look out for with baitcaster fishing is how resistant a line is to sharp objects such as rocks, tree roots, and other objects that are common underwater. The KastKing line is made with Dyneema strands, which are highly resistant to abrasion, making it perfect for baitcaster fishing.


What Is the Best Line for Bass Fishing?

For bass fishing, anglers typically use monofilament, braid or fluorocarbon lines. The good thing about using a braid line for bass fishing is that braid lines feature an extremely strong profile with virtually no stretch, which makes them much more sensitive to bites.

Monofilament lines are great for beginner anglers as they are very castable and can be tied with little to no difficulty. Some anglers will go for fluorocarbon lines as they are virtually invisible in the water due to them having the same light refraction as the water.

There’s a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the best line for bass fishing, so if you’re unsure, it may be worth seeking the advice of a professional, particularly if you’re a beginner angler looking for some guidance.


Best Fishing Line for Spinning Reels

Braided lines are particularly good for spinning reels. Braided lines can usually be cast very far, they are typically made from very strong, well-engineered fibers like Dyneema or gore, which makes braided lines tough, but also smooth and easy to handle. When these properties are combined with a smaller diameter, you have a line that you can effortlessly launch your baits with.

If you’re looking for a braided line for your spinning reel, make sure the one you choose is easy to cast. Out of the braided lines, we tested the KastKing, Sufix 832, or the Spiderwire Stealth Braid were all pretty effortless to cast, meaning all three braided lines are perfect for spinning reels.


Choose the Best Braided Line for You

Our Winner: KastKing (5/5)

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when you’re making a choice about what braided fishing line to go for. All of the lines we tested were high-quality, which is great news if you’re unsure which line to go for. If you’re brand new to braid lines, then it may be worth getting the advice of a pro from your local fishing or tackle shop to make sure you get the best-braided line for your budget and needs.

Make sure the line you go for is made from high-quality materials, is easy to use, and is suitable for the type of fishing you want to use it for. Our top recommendation for the best braided fishing line would be the KingKast line. KingKast is one of the leading companies on the market, and they’ve produced a braided line that is tough, abrasion-resistant, and perfect for every angler to use.

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line - Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines – Incredible Superline – Zero Stretch – Smaller Diameter – A Must-Have!
5,626 Reviews
KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line - Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines – Incredible Superline – Zero Stretch – Smaller Diameter – A Must-Have!
  • STRONG KNOT STRENGTH – dynamically incorporated strands in KastKing SuperPower Braided Lines allow you to easily tie a more solid knot; you can even tie an improved clinch knot. The special...
  • LOW MEMORY – helps you achieve a better, farther casts, less chance of wind knots
  • GREATER ABRASION RESISTANCE – of KastKing braided fishing line decreases the likelihood of losing your “big one”! KastKing SuperPower Braid line's powers are...super!
  • ULTRA-HIGH SENSITIVITY & ZERO STRETCH – for superior hook setting that increases your catch ratio.
  • SMALLER DIAMETER – compared to other brands allowing you to spool more fishing line on to your reel.

  Last update on 2020-08-03 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

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