The Ultimate List of 25 Bow Hunting Tips For Beginners & Professionals

by | May 8, 2019

Since the dawn of humans, we’ve hunted with bows. Traditionally people used bows because let’s face it, there were no guns at that period of time. And today, people hunt with a bow because it’s natural. People find bowhunting very challenging but it is rewarding too. Bowhunting requires a really deep skill level and that’s why you gotta follow some bow hunting tips for beginners or professional as per your liking to start the adventure.

Bowhunting requires practice and the knowledge of the animal you’re trying to hunt. It is the fastest growing sport of all the shooting and hunting sports. The bowhunting trend is growing fastest out of all other sports and it is a positive sport too. Another huge advantage of bowhunting is good for health. It stretches your muscles and gives you a really good exercise session.

In this article, we’re going to go over some important bow hunting tips from different areas. We’re going to give a total of 25 best bow hunting tips for beginners and professionals.

Bow Huntng Tips for Beginners

The Ultimate 25 Bow Hunting Tips For Beginners

Bow Hunting Tips: Perfect Gear

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Gear is important. There are many kinds of bows to select from, different kinds of the outfit and all other items that you’d need for it. You’ll need every kind of advantage from these gears that you can possibly get. These tips on how to select the perfect gear are given below:

  • The first thing on the list is choosing a bow. There are basically three kinds of the bow: recurve bow, compound bow, or a longbow. A longbow is drawn slower while a recurve bow is faster.
  • As far as the brand of the bows is concerned, there isn’t much to it. Any brand that fits your budget and has decent specs will do the job.
  • Some basic items include bow, arrow, release, sight, quiver, etc. Other items include bow case, targets, camo clothes, stabilizers, etc.
  • It is always recommended to get a combo pack having all the things you need at the same place. This will certainly help you out.


Bow Hunting Tips: Bow Release

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Bow release (also known as release aid or mechanical release) is a device that enables you to fire arrows more precisely by using a trigger to release the bow. Meaning, the archer won’t have to manually shoot with the finger.

  • The most important thing is to tune the bow release. Tuning a bow release implies making an adjustment to suit your needs. Proper tuning can be very necessary to properly make the bow release work.
  • The next thing to remember is to make sure the release is going to fail because of over adjustment. Ensure that the bow release does not let the string go off. This will trigger pressure.


Bow Hunting Tips: Stability

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A stable bow is very important when you shoot. Stability is also closely related to the speed of the bow being used. There are quite a ways for making the bow more stable.

  • Posture is the key to increase stability. If you have a stable body frame then you can be really great as far as the stability is concerned.
  • Another thing is to shoot the arrow with speed. Speed increases stability. To increase the speed of the arrow, draw it firmly and use a lighter arrow. Heavier arrows might be a bit hard to shoot.
  • The final tip on stability is hand-eye coordination. If your eyes can see the target and your hands are sturdy enough to take a shot, your arrow will be stable. There is no doubt about it.


Bow Hunting Tips: Sighting In

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The next thing is to sight in the bow. Sighting in gives you a solid picture of your target and it is very important to master a sight for proper hunting. Let’s look at the tips on the bow sight usage:

  • Start with 5 arrows first from a standard 10 yards. The first target isn’t the bull’s eye. Just land the arrow anywhere around the target. The key is to get your stance right, release with precision and follow through properly.
  • After your arrows land, you need to now study their placements and make an adjustment to your sights until you get a proper sighting. If your arrows are a bit left, adjust the sight to the right.
  • While sighting in without a bow sight, you can follow 4 main methods that will help you get the best visuals of your prey.


Bow Hunting Tips: License & Safety

Bow hunting requires you follow a general safety procedure and require you to have a license. Sometimes are given below.

  • Getting a license requires you to pass a simple test and be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of hunting. Different states have different requirements though. Make sure to read all the documents carefully before giving your exam.
  • Follow all the safety procedures. You should do a lot of range practice before you go out hunting. You should know archery like the back of your hands.
  • Another thing to remember is to have a safety guideline while going out hunting. Also, keep your license safe from theft and weather.


Bow Hunting Tips: Outfit


You won’t want to hunt wearing boxers. These are some tips you can follow for an outfit.

  • Camo Cloth is the best. It helps you blend in with the surrounding and your prey won’t detect you. Also, use clothes that are of good quality.
  • Carry a well-organized backpack. Don’t get a backpack that isn’t weather resistant. Store all your items properly
  • Wear boots that last longer. Get a boot that doesn’t make much noise.


Bow Hunting Tips: Aim

  • Aim with a strategy if you have a sight. You don’t want to aim haphazardly. Sight in on your target and make a clean kill.
  • If you don’t have a sight or if you’re fairly experienced, do an instinctive shot. Instinct is important when you have to take a slick shot.
  • Practice. Aiming is something you should learn on the range and practice is the key.


Bow Hunting Tips: Knowledge of Hunting Spots & Ethics

  • There may be countless hunting spots on your city or state. Not all animals are available in all the spots. You need to have proper knowledge of what to expect when you’re choosing a hunting spot.
  • Be prepared for the weather condition. If your hunting spot is a hot and humid place, you don’t want to carry a blanket in your backpack.
  • As far as ethics go, the drill is simple, shoot from a reasonable range, follow the fair chase method, respect your peers and obey all the laws.


Bow Hunting Tips: External knowledge

  • External knowledge refers to some important knowledge like being able to read a map and compass. Finding directions, scavaging for food and water, etc. These knowledge are crucial when you want to become a really good bowhunter.
  • Another thing you might want to know is the ways to fix a bow. imagine your bow doesn’t work and you’re in the middle of nowhere. Having the proper expertise on the bow will be favorable to you.


Final Words

Finally, bowhunting is a great way to pass time and have some fun. it is a thrilling experience. You need to stalk your prey and be really focused with a bow. A gun is fairly easy, one shot will render your prey dead but a bow requires you to have a swift, clean hit. This requires a great deal of skill. New hunters are always confused on how to bow hunt in a proper way. Following the 25 tips that we’ve compiled for you will surely help you in this process. So, get a bow and start hunting.

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