Excalibur Matrix Micro 335 Review

by | Oct 29, 2019

People are taking matters seriously. Back in the old days, hunting was taken seriously by professionals. But now when things have changed a lot, many people are trying to hunt down them pray seriously. That is why hunting gears are getting updated fast. It is not like that anyone looking for a hunting gear just to spend their times at weekends. Hunting is taken seriously by everyone nowadays. Owing a bow is important for hunting or shooting.

Having a crossbow can always make your hunting experience sweet. But finding a suitable crossbow for hunting is a hard shell to crack open. That is why we have just one suggestion for you. The Excalibur matrix micro 335 is one of the celebrated crossbows currently at the market. Today we are going to provide you with an Excalibur matrix micro 335 reviews. Let’s get on with it.

What is a crossbow?

Crossbow is mainly a medieval bow. This type of bow is very common among hunters around the world. The main part of the bow is fixed across wooden support. For the bolt, it has a groove. The release mechanism of the bow is not complex at all. It is mainly an elastic ranged weapon. The mechanism of the crossbow is quite different from traditional bows. Crossbows are very popular among hunters as they are accurate and safe in hands.


How does a crossbow work?

The crossbow looks quite identical to the rifle. Well, anyone will think that the inventor of the crossbow took parts from the rifle and attached it to the crossbow. The crossbow has a wooden tiller or stocks. When you release your bolt or arrow, the arrow will run through the notch of the bow. The crossbow has a locking mechanism which makes it safe when you are not using it anyway. Crossbow works just like a rifle alright. But it is still a bow.


About Excalibur Crossbows

Excalibur is not a pretty big business. The company was established by a group of crossbow hunters mainly to provide good quality crossbow gears. Their motive is clear. They just don’t want to boom their business by making cheap quality crossbow and crossbow gears. They want to make it count.

The efficiency, quality of the crossbow is always their priority. Excalibur guarantees that their crossbow can hit any target in 3 inches to 25 yards using a broadhead. Now, that is always going to be assuring.

Now why they are so good at making good quality crossbows? The main reason is that they always tend to stick to the basics of the crossbow basics. They like to make the experience great. They always make good quality crossbow, crossbow strings, field point, crossbow bolts, blades, ex-slings, crossbow pullers, etc. They are booming up the business day by day and you will always be impressed by the quality of the product.




Excalibur matrix micro 335 review

Now we are talking. We have reached the part where we will give you a detailed Excalibur matrix micro 335 review. The Excalibur matrix micro 335 is one of the most celebrated crossbows out there on the market. But what makes it so good? Yes, now in this part of the content, we are going to talk about the good parts of this crossbow.

Also, we are going to point out the cons or problems of the whole product so that you get a good glimpse of the maintenance. Now, brace yourself for the review.



First of all, we need to talk about design. yes, we all know every crossbow looks like a rifle at first sight. The design made the crossbow very lightweight at first hand. It is just like any other crossbows on the market. Well, I am talking about the design. But the design is compact. Excalibur used Feather-Lite skeletonized stock so that the weight comes to a minimum.

Which in times becomes very crucial. The design of the crossbow is ultra-compact and the stock on the crossbow can be placed on both sides of the crossbow so that you can place your eyes easily. Now, that is quite conventional. Comes mainly in black color. We are not sure if you will get another color from it. The design is great.



When we say power, we mainly mean the kinetic energy of the crossbow. A hunter mainly chooses to use a crossbow just to get the benefit of both recurve and compound bow. That is quite nice. The crossbow is capable of slinging 350-grain arrows. You will always get a speed of 335 fps. That is the perfect speed for any hunter.

When you are hunting, the power and speed matter the most. Well, you will get it from this beast of a crossbow. When you use it the speed is going to translate to 87 ft. fps speed. This is the perfect speed for hunting down any deer-sized pray.

When you are looking for a crossbow, you will want a quiet one. You don’t want to scare your pray and lose it. A quite release is very important, especially in a short-range area. Well, the Micro 335 is surprisingly quiet. You will get the best speed and drawing weight from the crossbow. So, there is always going to be chance that you may miss out your target just because of the noise. No need to worry, the crossbow is quiet.



Now with another important part. Cocking is very essential for any crossbow. Cocking any crossbow mainly depends on the draw weight of the crossbow. That is why The Micro 335 is not going to be easy to cock. The Micro 335 has a super draw weight. This makes the cocking mechanism quite tough.

But the very sort power stroke will save you lifting all the weight. For this, you don’t have to lift the bow too high anyway. Stopping halfway through the cocking movement will not do you any good. You should also adjust the safety after safe cocking.


Quality and construction material

We have mentioned it earlier. Excalibur never tends to compromise on the quality. They try to stick with the basic crossbow principles to make hunters happy. The quality of the crossbow is great. Made using the finest quality raw materials available on the market. The materials are great and tough. You can say that the crossbow can withstand any harsh condition with ease.



Every crossbow should be waterproof. But cheap quality crossbows are not waterproof at all. When they come in contact with water, chances are that some part of the crossbow is likely to get ruined somehow. Sometimes there are chances that the crossbow will stop working or catch rust. But you don’t have to worry about that with the Micro 335. The crossbow is waterproof and you will be able to use it on any water condition with ease.


Comes as a package

Checking out the package is very important. When you buy a crossbow you just don’t get the crossbow. You will get included materials along with it. This is very important for any hunter. On the Micro 335 crossbow package, you will get the following materials:

• A speed adjustable Dead Zone scope
• REDS suppressors
• A 4-arrow quiver and bracket
• 4 Quill arrows with 150-grain field points
• A rope cocking aid

You can say this is a complete package. But you will need to find a good quality broadhead.


Great draw weight

To be honest, the draw weight of the crossbow is a major con of this product. But why so? The heavy draw weight makes it hard to cock the whole crossbow. You will get a 135lbs of draw weight from the crossbow. This makes cocking quite tough and lifting the crossbow gets even harder.


Great quality optics

This is another impressive part of the whole product. We can confidently say that this is one of the better optics offered by Excalibur. You will get clear and multiple aim points from the crossbow. This is great for any hunter. The image you get from the crossbow optics is crisp and fresh.

You can place your eyes comfortably on the crossbow. So, getting a good view is always going to be comfortable and easy. The aiming gets more comfortable as you can adjust the scopes speed and many more.


Key features

Product Dimensions: 32.5 x 25.5 x 10 inches
Weight; 2.4 ounces
Shipping Weight: 11.6 pounds
Draw weight: 275 lbs
Stroke: 10 inches
Velocity: 335 FPS
Suggested arrow length: 16.5 inches
Crossbow length: 36.5 inches


Pros & Cons

What we really like

✔ Great quality crossbow, compact
✔ The design made it lightweight
✔ Simple and quite narrow for a recurve bow
✔ Always accurate on target and great for hunting deer-sized pray

What we don't like

✗ The draw weight is very heavy
✗ You will have no auto safety from the crossbow



ITIShooting.com Rating: [star rating=”4.5″ numeric=”yes”]

Now we have just reached the final verdict of this review content. Now, what is the final statement from us? All we can say is that the Micro 335 is a superior offering from Excalibur. Whether it is a compound bow or a recurve bow, you cannot ask for anything better.

The frame is smaller and lightweight, so you can control and use the crossbow from any tree stand or any place where controlling yourself is tough. Yes, the crossbow does have some negative sides, but that is not too much. You can fix them. But this is truly a wonderful crossbow to own.



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