A Perfect Guide of How To Buy A Hunting Bow

by | Mar 14, 2019

For someone who doesn’t know the world of hunting and archery, buying a hunting bow can be a bit confusing. I mean, let’s be honest, what are all these draw lengths and draw weight, right? We know that you’re looking for a simpler explanation of how to buy a hunting bow. If you’re a newbie, even for professional hunters, it is always good to go back to basics and go for a simpler bow that gets you going. Now, let’s not waste any time and go over all the key terms in a Hunting Bow.

how to buy a hunting bow

How To Buy a Hunting Bow?

Key Terms of Hunting Bows

Draw Length

How To Buy a Hunting Bow
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It is measured as the distance of an archer’s full draw of the bow i.e, from the string’s nocking point to the pivot point. It can also be judged in terms of the force you apply to a shot, meaning the more you stretch the bow the more force it has. In order to get a bow that fits you properly, you need to measure your draw length. This is done physiologically s the bow’s draw length range differs from one another.


Draw Weight

The largest amount of weight that an archer can pull while drawing the boo. This weight increases with the pull. It is very crucial to determine what bow weight suits you the best. If you don’t have the strength to pull a very heavy bow, then you shouldn’t buy it. A draw weight that is set in an improper way can cause a lot of fatigue and inaccuracy. Draw weights are normally determined in pounds or kilograms. Adults can go for a bow with a 35 to 65-pound draw weight.


Brace Height

Brace height refers to the distance between the string at the nock point and the bow’s the inside grip. This height is measured when a bow is not drawn. It has a greater influence on speed and accuracy than any other feature of the bow feature. A bow having a short brace height consists of a power stroke which is generally longer. The only drawback is, since the arrow stays longer on the bowstring, there is a high chance that you might miss your shots. In contrast, bows having a long brace height are a tad bit slower but they can be shot accurately.



Cam is a pulley system used in a compound bow. When you want to get a good compound bow, it is necessary for you to judge the cam. Aggressive cam designs result in a faster bow. Sticking with a moderately fast cam design can be fruitful for new hunters, professionals can opt for even faster variants.


Bow Length

As the name suggests, bow length is simply the length of the bow. Short bows are lightweight and they can be fruitful if your aim is portability over precision. However, short bows are very difficult to shoot. Longer bows totally win as far as the shooting goes.


Eye Dominance and Handedness

The eye that you have more control over is your dominant eye. Eye dominance test is a self-test that you can perform to check for your dominant eye i.e, the eye that you can shoot with more comfortably. Handedness refers to the hand that you’re comfortable with. Most people are right-handed with a few being ambidextrous.

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Diamond Edge 320, Mossy Oak Country Camo, Right Hand, 7-70lbs, Ready to Hunt Package
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Tips To Buy Hunting Bows

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Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow 50-70lbs with Max Speed 310fps (Green Camo with Full Accessories)
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  • Aluminum Riser. Adjust the draw weight and draw length with enclosed Allen Wrench. No bow press is needed
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  • 1-Year Warranty on the bow excluding string & cables

After you’ve understood the key terms that you need the next step is to get a bow. To choose a bow there are some basic things to consider, these are explained below:



Make sure the draw length, the draw weight and the length of the bow fit you perfectly, shoot the bow before you buy it.



The first thing that you might want to consider is the type of bow you want. There are mainly two variety: Recurve and Compound. Both of them have their own set of variables that you can definitely choose from.


Build Quality

Get a bow that has good built quality. Try to search for the ones that have some sort of warranty.



The final thing that you’d want to consider is the price of the bow. Don’t spend a fortune on a bow. But don’t be a cheap person too. Get a bow that is available at affordable pricing and has all your needs covered.


Why Do You Need Hunting Bows?

Bowhunting has been a recreational sport for some time now. You can definitely take your rifle out for hunting but hunting with a bow provides an added fun. Hunting bows also help you get a clean shot.

In addition, some wildlife reserves and hunting areas prohibit the use of guns. In such cases, a hunting bow might be your best option. There are some disadvantages of using a hunting bow over a Rifle but the pros outweigh the cons. For instance, you might have to spend a lot of money on a rifle but you can save your funds if you go for a hunting bow. In contrast, the number of arrows you need would probably be a disadvantage. So, there is no clear cut winner here. It solely depends on what your personal preference is.


Types of Hunting Bow

For hunting, you basically have 4 types of hunting bow which are explained briefly below:

  • Compound Bows, which are known for their use in the hunting field because of that cam system and they’re also equally preferred in target shooting.
  • Traditional Bows are used in all types of archery including hunting and you can basically use them in the field without any hassle.
  • Crossbows are modified to suit you in target practice but bowhunting is easily possible with it.


Final Note

In conclusion, a hunting bow can be quite useful for you. They come at a wide range of prices and brands that you can choose from and the main thing to keep in mind is the fit and the type of bow you’re using. Apart from knowing only how to buy a hunting bow, it’s always good to have some knowledge about the technical aspect of these hunting bows and how they are used efficiently and effectively in different environments.

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