The Best Lightweight Climbing Tree Stands on the Market: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

by | Oct 22, 2020

Whether you’re a seasoned hunting pro or a newcomer to the sport, the need for a practical, comfortable and reliable Tree Stand is ever-present.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Best Lightweight Climbing Tree Stands Of 2022

Choosing the lightweight tree stand can be a daunting task, so to make life easier, we’ve taken a look at ten of the best to help you find the best lightweight climbing tree stand for you.


The Best Tree Stand: Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD 

Starting at the top spot, our pick for the Number One Best Tree Stand is the Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD. When using the Tree Stand, we found it to be the most comfortable, lightweight piece of kit on the market.

It’s easy to assemble, meaning beginners should have no issues at all and with the stand weighing in at 20lbs, and the stand can hold up to 300lbs in weight. The stand is extremely mobile, which is one of the benefits that a lightweight treestand provides.

Summit Tree states that the Viper SD is their most comfortable model available, and you can see why. With a sturdy aluminum frame and padded seat, this treestand has all the hallmarks of a professional, long-lasting piece of equipment, backed up by a five-year limited warranty.

Save $50.00
Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak
1,249 Reviews
Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak
  • The classic Viper SD remains a favorite amongst hunters
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum construction makes transporting and climbing a breeze
  • Sit comfortably for hours thanks to the suspended foam-padded seat with cushioned backrest and padded armrests
  • Covered by Summit’s 5-year limited warranty

Comfort is one of the most important parts of any treestand, and you should take comfort seriously when looking into which treestand to go for.

We found that the Viper SD proved very capable of handling gun hunting and bowhunting as the seat can be lowered and raised to suit your needs, and a solid front bar allows you to climb in easily, even doubling as a gun rest.

We felt really safe and secure in this seat with everything from the strong metal frame to the full-body harness acting to make me feel more confident when out hunting. As we noted before, Summit does point out that the Viper SD has a maximum weight of 300lbs, but this should suit most hunters just fine.

Little details. such as making the straps a dark green genuinely do go a long way with this product, these sort of features help the tree stand blend into the natural surroundings when out on a hunt.

The Viper SD is the best climbing tree stand and really stands out from its competition, it’s lightweight, easy to use, and great at what it does, and at an affordable price, you can’t ask for much more in a treestand!


The Treestand That’s Easy to Assemble: Lone Wolf Alpha 

The Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Treestand. The Hang On II is an extremely portable, stylish, and easy to use treestand, ideal for any hunter. At just 14lbs, this Tree stand is easily portable thanks to the backpack straps, so you can take it to many different hunting locations.

The Alpha Hang On II is great value for money, and its robust and solid build makes you feel safe and totally at ease when you’re in position. Lone Wolf gives the stand a weight limit of 350lbs, slightly more than the Viper SD, meaning most people will have no issues here!

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Treestand
262 Reviews
Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Treestand
  • The benchmark by which all other hang on treestands are measured
  • Lightweight, roomy, deadly quiet, and easy to use; Fits trees 4" - 22" in diameter
  • Features a convenient self-leveling seat and platform; Accepts the E-Z Hang Hook accessory, allowing users to preset multiple stand locations for quick, easy hanging
  • The large, contoured foam pad gives all-day seating comfort
  • Weighs just 14 pounds and has a 350-pound weight limit

We found the treestand to be really straight forward when testing and easy to assemble. It takes less than 15 minutes to do so! I really like the simple, non-flashy design of it, it nestles away in the trees easily, making you almost hidden amongst your surroundings.

One issue with this tree stand is that the seat isn’t that comfortable. It could do with an extra bit of padding, and other treestands we looked at had more padding than this one. The quality is undeniable, a few minor changes here and there, and this Tree stand could really stand out from the crowd.


The Big Man Stand: SU81119 Goliath SD 

The third tree stand we looked at is another from Summit, the SU81119 Goliath SD. This sturdy, 21-pound tree stand is the wider version of the Viper SD and boasts the same great reliability, strength, and safety as its slightly smaller counterpart.

Summit market the Goliath SD as the “original big man stand,” and back this up with a weight limit of 350 lbs so nearly all hunters should be able to use this treestand.

Like the Viper SD, the Goliath still holds some of Summits fantastic features such as DeadMetal, QuickDraw, RapidClimb, and SummitLokt.This treestand is a little heavier than the other we’ve looked at so far, weighing in at 25 lbs.

Save $88.50
Summit Treestands Goliath SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak
567 Reviews
Summit Treestands Goliath SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak
  • Closed-front aluminum climbing stand with Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo finish
  • Suspended foam-padded seat with backrest
  • Weighs 25 lbs. and holds up to 350 lbs.
  • 18” W x 12” D seat size, 21”W x 30.75” D platform size
  • Includes Full Body Fall Arrest Harness System and all necessary hardware

The bulkier frame only gives an extra pound of weight with this treestand, and bungee backpack straps make this tree stand portable and easy to carry. The seat, armrests, and back rest really do make this a great experience; if you’re sat still for a long while, comfort is key.

As with the Viper SD, the assembly was very easy, and once you’re up in the tree, you feel safe, secure, and very comfortable. Again, the Goliath comes with a full-body harness for added safety, and it just feels secure in the tree, which really puts your mind at ease. Much like the Viper, the Goliath seems perfect for both bow and gun hunting.

There are some small issues with the Goliath, the paint has a tendency to chip very easily, and considering the price of the stand, you’d expect a little more durability. However, Summits stands are infused with DeadMetal Sound Deadening Technology that keeps the noise down by filling in parts of the stand with custom-engineered expanding foam.

The noise reduction helps to keep you quiet when you’re hunting and helps maintain your stealth when searching for game.  Overall, it’s a great product however many hunters would manage with the lighter, more affordable Viper SD, if they’re looking at a stand by Summit.


The Lightest Climbing Treestand: Lone Wolf Assault II 

It’s dynamic, lightweight, deadly quiet, and easy to use; the Lone Wolf Assault II is certainly an interesting lightweight climbing treestand. Weighing in at just 11 pounds and fitting trees between a 4’’-22’’ in diameter, the Lone Wolf Assault II is the perfect hang-on stand for mobile hunters who want the lightest set up they can get.

The 26’’ x 19.5’’ platform provides plenty of room to maneuver, and due to its weight, the stand is perfect for mobile hunters. The combination of the small frame and lightweight makes the stand very easy to hang, which is particularly useful if you need a break from a long walk to your hunting spot. The way the frame is designed, you can hang the stand on awkwardly shaped trees.

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand
373 Reviews
Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand
  • The leanest of the light weight hang on treestands in the Lone Wolf pack; Weighs in at a mere 11 pounds
  • The 26" x 19.5" platform provides plenty of room to maneuver while still able to fit in the nastiest trees you'll find
  • The perfect hang-on stand for mobile hunters who want the lightest setup they can get, or for hunters who need to squeeze a stand into tight places
  • In Cast Bow Holder accommodates most parallel limb bows. Backpack straps (optional padded straps available)
  • 350-pound weight limit; Fits trees 4" - 22" in diameter

The size of the stand means you’ll be able to stretch your legs if you’ve been in one position for too long.

The incast bow holder accommodates most parallel limb bows. Included with the stand are backpack straps so you can move the stand around easily, and it won’t feel heavy on your back due to it weighing just 11 pounds. The stand is made out of cast aluminum, and this is the reason why it’s so light.

Overall, the Lone Wolf Assault II is a high-quality treestand. We loved how lightweight it is, and is perfect for the hunter looking for an easy to use, lightweight treestand.


The Treestand for the Relaxed Hunter: Millennium Treestands Monster 

For a more comfortable way to hunt, look no further than the Millennium Treestands Monster hang-on treestand. Sometimes when you’re on a hunt bagging, your prized possession can take hours. This treestand has been designed with exactly that in mind and has been optimized for comfort.

The stand features a ComfortMax height adjustable seat with a full backrest. The seat is height adjustable and is adjustable for people of a variety of heights. Each tree stand comes with a patented ComfortMax tight sling that’s contoured, and that’s exclusive to Millenium only products.

Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on Treestand
277 Reviews
Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on Treestand
  • A MORE COMFORTABLE WAY TO HUNT: Bagging that deer sometimes require spending hours up in the trees. The M150 Monster Hang-On tree stand is designed with comfort in mind featuring a comfortMAX height...
  • SAFELINK: Millennium is committed to hunter safety, which is why we designed SafeLink, a 35-foot rope with a Prusik knot and carabiner. Designed to aid in safely ascending and descending from hang-on...
  • LARGE PLATFORM: Having the room necessary to position yourself properly for that shot is important. So we made sure the seat folds up out of the way allowing plenty of room. Whether you're hunting...
  • SMART CONSTRUCTION: The M150 is built from rugged aluminum and features a durable powder coat finish. It’s designed to be easy and quiet to set up. It can even be adjusted for trees that lean up to...
  • MEASUREMENTS: Built to hold up to 300-pounds. The platform measures 24-inches wide and 37-inches deep. Seat size is 24-inches wide and 20-inches deep. The seat is adjustable from 16-inches above the...

The stand comes with a large platform, and SafeLink is included. SafeLink is a 35-foot rope with a carabiner and Prusik knot; this is designed to help you safely ascend and descend from your treestand. The treestand includes a full-body harness and backpack straps, so it’s easy to maneuver.

We really like that you can have several pre-hung brackets in different spots, which means you can move the treestand to different locations and makes owning multiple treestands unnecessary. The stand is made from aluminum, meaning it’s very lightweight. We also found the treestand easy to set up, but always check the instruction manual for proper setup guidance.


The ‘Heavy’ Lightweight Treestand Summit Viper 

Another option from Summit treestands is the Summit Viper. This stand made from steel will hold up to 300 pounds of weight. It’s a very sturdy stand, a little bit heavier than some of the other stands we looked at; the Summit Viper weighs in at 29 pounds.

The treestand is very well made and it’s very comfortable to sit in. The back of the chair supports your back very well, and if you’re going to be sitting in the chair for prolonged periods, your comfort must be ensured.

Save $54.00
Summit Treestands Viper Steel Climbing Treestand
564 Reviews
Summit Treestands Viper Steel Climbing Treestand
  • A modern version of the classic Viper in its original steel construction
  • Includes the Quick Draw cable retention system and RapidClimb Stirrups
  • Powder-coated steel finish provides rust protection and concealability
  • Covered by a 2-year limited warranty

The stand is quite heavy, so we wouldn’t recommend walking with the stand for more than a few miles.

The straps are also comfortable, so although you may not want to travel long distances with the stand, the straps are comfortable on your shoulders. The treestand comes with a cable retention system, which makes it easy and safe to secure to trees.


The Spacious Treestand: Summit Treestands Titan 

For a treestand that will camouflage well into your surroundings, check out the Summit Treestands Titan SD Climbing Treestand. The stand weighs 25 pounds and can hold up to 250 pounds worth of weight.

The stand comes with a full-body arrest harness system to keep you safe when you’re up high in a tree. The Titan SD is one of Summit’s roomiest climbing stands; it’s got a bigger top and longer platform.

Save $21.00
Summit Treestands Titan SD Climbing Treestand
447 Reviews
Summit Treestands Titan SD Climbing Treestand
  • Closed-front aluminum climbing stand with Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo finish
  • Suspended foam-padded seat with backrest
  • Weighs 25 lbs. and holds up to 350 lbs.
  • 18” W x 12” D seat size, 21”W x 30.75” D platform size
  • Includes Full Body Fall Arrest Harness System and all necessary hardware

The great thing with Summit treestands is that they’re built to last, and the Titan is no different. The treestand comes with a five-year limited warranty, so you’re covered should anything happen to the stand.

This stand is built for comfort and flexibility, and the stand features a front climbing bar that doubles as a gun rest and a padded, adjustable seat that can be quickly moved should you wish to assume a standing position.

Critical parts of this tree stand are fitted with dead metal sound deadening technology that will reduce any unintentional noises caused by movement on the platform any scare any game nearby away. The stand is fitted with a quickdraw cable retention system which makes sure that no unnecessary nuts or bolts are needed.


The Classic Treestand: OL'MAN Multivision 

The Ol’Man multi-vision comes as three treestands in one! This treestand is suitable for bow and gun hunters. You can configure the multi-vision for the way you hunt and set it up by using the classic Ol’ man straight bar or with the included reversible gun/footrest to accommodate both gun and bow hunters.

The standing platform measures 18″ x 32″, so the platform has quite a lot of space. The stand weighs 31 pounds, so it’s certainly not the lightest stand/ The instruction manual will give you full guidance on how to set it up, also included with the stand is a safety harness that you’ll need to use when using the stand.

OL'MAN TREESTANDS Multi-Vision Climbing Stand, Steel Construction with 21' Wide Net Seat, Gray, One Size (COM-04)
262 Reviews
OL'MAN TREESTANDS Multi-Vision Climbing Stand, Steel Construction with 21" Wide Net Seat, Gray, One Size (COM-04)
  • LEGENDARY TREESTAND: The OL’MAN Multi-vision treestand is loved by gun and bow hunters everywhere.
  • 3 TREESTANDS IN 1: Configure the Multi-Vision for the way you hunt. Set up this legendary climbing stand with the classic OL’MAN straight bar, or with the included reversible Gun Rest/Foot Rest to...
  • QUIET: The Multi-Vision Series is the quietest climbing stand on the market. It remains our best-selling tree stand.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Steel Construction. Standing Platform measures 18-inches x 32-inches. Weight Limit: 300-pounds. Seat Style: 21-inch wide net. Overall Weight: 29-pounds. Seat Pad Cover: Black
  • OL’MAN EXPERIENCE: From our lightweight design to our rugged durability, OL’MAN Treestands are the highest quality treestands on the market today. We’re focused on customer service and comfort...

The stand doesn’t have a backrest on the seat, so that’s something to note when you’re sitting in it. It’s not the most comfortable of stands, and there are certainly more comfortable stands that we looked at. The rest of your body is well supported though and the footrest works well at making you feel safe and secure.

The Ol’ man straight bar can either be used as a backrest or as a way to keep your knees and legs secure, depending on which way you want the stand to be set up. It’s a great product, it’s certainly versatile, and while it’s not one of the most comfortable stands it works well for a variety of different hunting purposes.


The FlexibleTreestand: Lone Wolf Combo II 

Lone Wolf’s Hand Climber Combo II is a proven performer amongst climbing treestands. The stand will fit around trees that are between 6’’-19’’ in diameter and comes with a contoured foam seat for optimum comfort.

The stand is very easy to assemble, and one of the first things you’ll notice is how quietly you can move up and down a tree when using the stand.

Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Climbing Tree Stand
187 Reviews
Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Climbing Tree Stand
  • Lightweight and full-featured; A proven performer among climbing treestands
  • Fits trees 6" - 19" in diameter; Contoured foam seat pad gives all-day comfort
  • Folds down to 5-inch packed profile; Great for packing into even the thickest areas
  • Features the full-sized 30" x 19.5" platform with loads of room
  • Weighs in at only 17.5 pounds with a 350-pound weight limit

The standing platform has a tonne of space on it, you can stand easily on there with plenty of room to maneuver, the platform itself measures 30’’ x 19.5’. The stand weighs 17.5 pounds, so it’s pretty lightweight and is easily transportable and can be moved from place to place with ease.

When you want to disassemble the stand, you can do it easily; it flattens out so you can attach it to a backpack or carry it on its own. This is also useful if you need to make a quick getaway or change positions quickly.

The only real downside to this treestand is that it doesn’t have much in the way of back support, so you might find it slightly uncomfortable with your back if you’re sitting for prolonged periods.


No products found.

For an ultra-lightweight treestand with easy portability, look no further than the X-Stand Deluxe aluminum climbing tree stand. To transport the stand, all you need to do is fold it flat and use the built-in backpack straps so you can carry it off to your favorite hunting spots and place it safely.

You can set the stand to the height you want. The stand comes in two parts, you can sit on the stand comfortably, and there’s also plenty of support for your legs and lower body.

No products found.

The stand is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, and this makes the stand strong and light. The stand is durable, and you’ll always feel supported when you’re using this stand. The stand features nylon washers at every joint to ensure silent, stealthy hunting. The seat is made from nylon, which you can easily push out of the way if you need to use the whole stand.

The straps on the side of the stand can be tightened when you have it attached to the tree to ensure that it’s secure. When you’ve successfully tightened the straps, the two pieces of the stand are successfully strapped together, and the stand is rock solid.

We were highly impressed with this stand; it’s one of the best we tested; it’s lightweight, durable, and, most importantly, safe when you’re sitting in a tree and out hunting.


What Are Climbing Tree Stands?

Climbing tree stands are ideal for the mobile bowhunter or anyone looking to add a bit of mobility to how they hunt. Climbing tree stands are lightweight, easy to pack, and allow you to leave cumbersome climbing sticks and ladders at home.

To use a climbing tree stand, hunters need to ascend to the perch of the treestand, which gives them an aerial view and a new way to hunt, and a good treestand can be used in different terrains.

Climbing tree stands will only fit around certain trees, so if you’re using one, you’ll need to make sure you find an appropriate tree that the tree stand can fit around. If you’re looking for a suitable tree, look for one where the branches have been cut or see if you can hunt in an area where you’re allowed to trim back the branches of the trees so you can fit a treestand around a tree.

Tall, straight trees are ideal for tree stands; a quick method to tell if a tree is safe to climb is to check if it leans or curves if it does then the chances are it’s not safe to climb. You should also look for a tree that is a similar width to your shoulders; this will help you indicate that the tree stand will fit on the tree and that you’ll be able to use it.


Benefits of Using Climbing Tree Stands

Climbing tree stands may not be for everyone, particularly if you’ve got a fear of heights! But they do offer an extra dimension to every hunter’s experience and come with plenty of benefits. One such benefit is the price, climbing tree stands are cost-effective and are usually much cheaper than the lock on ladder stands, and other such items.

Another benefit of climbing tree stands is their flexibility. If there’s been a location you’ve always wanted to hunt in, or you’ve also wanted to get an aerial view of what you’re trying to hunt, a climbing tree stand will allow you to do exactly this. Climbing tree stands allow you to get deeper into covered areas and reach spots that you usually wouldn’t be able to reach.

A good climbing tree stand should be comfortable to sit on as well; you don’t want to use a stand with a bare metal seat that won’t be comfortable to sit on. Some hunts can go on for hours or even multiple days if you’re taking a long hunting trip, so if you’re planning on using a climbing tree stand for hours, make sure that it’s comfortable to sit on.

When you’re choosing a tree stand, be sure to check the weight; generally speaking, the lighter, the better, light tree stands are easier to move around, which is great if you plan on hunting in different spots.


How to Install a Climbing Tree Stand

Climbing tree stands come in two pieces. The top section is the seat, and the bottom is the platform. To start using a treestand, the hunter must attach both sections to the tree at an upward angle to compensate for the tree’s gradual tapering with height. By angling the sections at the stands, the platforms level out as a person climbs to their preferred height.

Before climbing the tree, the hunter should attach the tether to their safety harness to the tree. You should never adjust your treestand straps or cables once you leave the ground as if something goes wrong, you could fall and injure yourself. If you need to make any adjustments to the straps, then safely return to the ground before doing so.

When you buy a treestand, then be sure to check the instruction manual that comes with the stand, and that will help you set it up properly.


Types of Climbing Tree Stands

There are three basic types of a treestand, each is unique in design and function, and each has its own pros and cons. Your decision which to use will be affected by how long you plan on hunting for and the type of hunt you’re taking part in.


Climbing Stands

Climbing stands are two-piece units that consist of a seat assembly and a platform assembly. Climbing stands are not only a seat in a tree, but they also provide a way of getting up the tree. This eliminates the need to worry about tree steps or ladders.

To use a climbing stand, attach both pieces to the bottom of the tree with your feet hooked onto the platform and your torso inside the upper section. You then climb the tree by unlocking one of the pieces and moving it higher up the tree, and then you repeat this process until you reach the desired height that you wish to hunt from.


Hang-on Stands

Hang-on Stands are simpler one-piece units consisting of a platform and seat attached. They attach to the tree using one or more chains or straps with adjustable buckles.

Hang-on stands to weigh between 10-35 pounds, which makes them a little easier to carry around than climbing stands; once in place, they are easy to get in and out of. Hang on-stands are also useful if you plan on leaving them in one place for longer than a day.


Ladder Stands

Ladder stands consist of some type of multi-piece ladder assembly with a seat and a platform at the top. All of these pieces are attached to the tree by means of belts or straps. These stands can be used in virtually any tree, and like climbing models, they don’t require screw-in steps. One of the downsides to ladder stands is that they are very heavy.

Ladder stands can reach up to 100 plus pounds, so they aren’t particularly easy to move around. If you’re going to use a ladder stand, you may require help from another hunter. With this in mind, ladder stands can be useful if you’re heading out for a hunt with some friends or if you’re going to be hunting in one place for a while.


Which Lightweight Climber Tree Stand Is Right for You?

As you can see, there’s plenty of choices when looking for a lightweight tree stand. If you’re looking for a treestand to get started with, we recommend the Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD.

This treestand is lightweight, has a high weight tolerance, is safe, and can be moved around easily. Summit makes top-quality treestands, hence why so many of them are included in our top picks.

With all this in mind, if you’re looking for an exciting, new method of hunting, then pick up a treestand and test out your aerial hunting skills today!

Save $50.00
Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak
1,249 Reviews
Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak
  • The classic Viper SD remains a favorite amongst hunters
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum construction makes transporting and climbing a breeze
  • Sit comfortably for hours thanks to the suspended foam-padded seat with cushioned backrest and padded armrests
  • Covered by Summit’s 5-year limited warranty

  Last update on 2022-08-09 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

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