TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX Review

by | Nov 3, 2019

Staying safe is a responsibility for every person. But in the present time, this responsibility has become a challenge. So, what is the solution? How can we keep ourselves safe? Well, the safest way to keep yourself safe is, using a crossbow. But if you want to use a crossbow then it must need to be legal. On the other hand, you can’t use any crossbow which doesn’t provide you the proper safety.

So, which crossbow is the safest option to use? If you want to suggestion from us then we will recommend you to choose the “TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX”. This crossbow is a lightweight model and it has a compact design. If you want to get a crossbow that will help you to comfortably and accurately shoot anything then this ‘TenPoint RCX” is the best option.

Do you have the interest to know the overall features of this crossbow? If yes, then you’re welcome to read this article. This article is all about the full review of this “TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX”. Hope, you will get the full idea from this article. So, take a look at this article.

TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX Crossbow 


Build Quality

TenPoint has so many crossbow sets but among of them the “Carbon Phantom RCX” has the best finish ever. It is made with high-quality carbon material, ACX stock, and carbon fiber barrel configuration and RCX bow assembly. It is designed in such a way for safe grip and wings. You will fall in love with every part.


Assembling TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX

The best thing about the TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX crossbow is, it is so simple and quick for assembling. Do you want to know how? Just take a riser and attach it to the stock then insert the cable saver. Remember that, you need to properly install the main assembly bolt.

Now, you need to attach the foot stirrup and quiver. All done, you are ready to mount your scope and you can now easily assembling TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX.


Accuracy And Power

If you want to get a powerful and strong crossbow then we must tell you this is the one that you’re searching for. It includes 425-grain arrows and can shoot a little bit slower than advertised. This crossbow set has the ability to power those arrows up to 126  foot-power of kinetic energy. You may be surprised to know, its power is more than the recommended kinetic energy to play a legal game in North America.


Hunting: What To Expect

You never want to use this x-box in the bush while running into any snags. This model measures 13.375″ axle-to-axle when it is time to cock. It is a lightweight model and has a narrow size. It has just a width of over one foot which offers you to maneuverable in the tree stands or ground blinds. This is such a quickest model you have ever found. It has string dampeners which make it so quick.


Cocking System

This model allows you to choose your cocking systems. You can choose the ACUdraw hand-crank cocking system which makes a little bit more noise which you will like about it. The “Draw Weight” of this model is just about nine or ten pounds of its cracking action.

You will also get the opportunity to choose the integrated ACUdraw 50. It is like a rope0cocking system which decreases the draw weight of at least 50% for 80 pounds. You will get the benefit of using it because it is quieter and because of it is properly integrated there are no parts which you can lose.


Speed of Shotting

This is such a great machine which you will love for its speed of shooting. It has the ability to shoot bolt up to 385 fps behind 126 ft.lbs of kinetic energy. People who want to have a fast-shooting crossbow, this model will be the perfect choice for them.


The Crossbow Scope

Do you have any idea of the Crossbow scope? This crossbow model comes with three duplex model with five dots calibrated. These five dots calibrated are for 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards. It also comes with an exceptional zoom system which is 1.5X to 5X.

You can also able to use this model on low-light condition because of its illuminated red or green dots. It has a great brightness setting on the rheostat-controlled illuminated which allows you to use it for any lighting condition.


Best carbon arrows

The Pro Elite model of this TenPoint comes with terrific six pack arrows. But if you have already decided to buy some different ones then the first thing you should remember that their total weight needs to be at least 400-grain or more than that.

This is because, if you select some arrows which total weight is below to 425-grain then you may face problem on the velocity. To fix that, you need to dial an appropriate velocity so that it can slight it again.



You will be happy to know, this is a lightweight model and its weight is just 6.9 pounds. You will be able to carry it easily because of its lightweight feature. People who love to hunt, this model will the best solution. Generally, if anyone wants to buy a crossbow then he should give concern to its weight.

We will recommend them to select that crossbow which weight is just under 7 pounds. In this case, the “TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX” is far better from the entry-level model. The weight of this model will help everyone who loves to hunt with it.


Safety and Design

The safety feature and dry-fire mechanism of this crossbow model work effectively. You will find the trigger pull is much lighter and so smooth. The good thing is, it is designed in such a way which allows your fingers to keep the strings and cables well clearly.



You will get the lifetime warranty from this scope. After purchasing it, remember to send the warranty card within 30 days.


TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX Crossbow 


What Comes In The Package?

The “TenPoint Crossbow Carbon Phantom RCX” comes with so many items and among of them “TenPoint Crossbow Carbon Phantom Rcx ACUdraw Crank Package with Rangemaster Pro Scope” is the special one. It will provide you the best speed with awesome handling.

It is so powerful and gives perfect accuracy. This Crossbow package is very useful for ground blind hunting. It is also a lightweight item and its arrow speed is up to 385 fps with a hard-hitting 122 ft. lbs. of energy.


Pros & Cons

Every coin has two sides. So obviously TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX has two sides also. We always tried and we will always try to remain honest so we will never hide anything from our valuable readers. No matter the fact is good or bad, we will share it with you. So without wasting your valuable time, let the pros and cons be known by us.

Tenpoint has more positive features than negative, so we will start with that. We explained so many things on the feature section but here we will share some more facts.

What we really like


POWERFUL. You will surely have the best experience if you gain it

LIGHTWEIGHT. You can use it easily and freely

✔  SCOPE FEATURES. It has illuminated reticles so you can experience better shooting

What we don't like

✗ SLIGHT HEAVINESS. Sorry to say you that the Tenpoint slightly front heavy. So, It can sometimes be difficult for you to handle.



Final Words

ITIShooting.com Rating: [star rating=”4″ numeric=”yes”]

All hunters want to remain safe. But it is a difficult task in this present time of turmoil and anarchy situation. That’s why keeping a crossbow is the best way to remain safe. But it is also right that you can’t use any pistol which doesn’t provide you the proper safety.

This is why the “TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX” comes for you to fulfill all your requirements. We hope this article is very helpful for you to know all the details about it.


TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX Crossbow 

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